Office Tower

With in-depth understanding of the needs, Impression City sought to build an office tower that are not just places of work – a powerful and stylish synergy of building complexes. Here, there will be no clear boundaries between natural and constructed features – it combines the commercial, historical and cultural aspects of Melaka. The tower will be enlivened by the vibrant public spaces, attractive facilities, retail destinations and hotels. This office tower offers a great panoramic ocean views and stunning landscape. Besides natural sea breeze along the coast impressive sea view, access to natural daylight is also the key consideration.

The towers have unparalleled access to an incredible assortment of walkable amenities, shopping complexes and the iconic theatre of Encore Melaka. The office Tower redefines the modern office building with technology driven office environment. It is a new style of working environment at the fringe of the historical city of Melaka.