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With the iconic Encore Melaka theatre as Impression City’s landmark, hotels within Impression City are designed for guests to experience the ambience that resonates the theatre and performance. To create a lasting impression, each hotel within Impression City is uniquely crafted with a theme based on elements of a theatre production, such as recital, prelude, stage, intermission and finale.

Theme Theatrical Impact Concept Element
Before the Show

The Prelude

Live on Stage


Back to Stage

The Blooming

The Texture Explorer

The Unveiling

Starry Night

Return to Innocence

The Water Spirit

Beautiful Life

Original textures of materials

Curtain, Frame, Screen view

Lighting design, Shadow

Bamboo, Natural elements

Water, Flowing forms

Dramatic colours, contrast setting, contrasting motifs

The Dawn

The Dawn is an elegant 2-block property on 5 acre (Plot 5) Impression City. Consisting of a total of 648 units and four types of unit layout – Executive, Pool, Jacuzzi and Standard Suites. Each layout is designed to fit the requirements and needs of every traveler, whether for business, family or a honeymoon stay. Guest can take in sweeping view of the Straits of Malacca, or the Melaka City from their suites.


The Dawn is constructed concurrently with the Encore Melaka Theatre, based on the theme of “the beginning”, representing the behind-the-scene and backstage preparations before the stage curtains are raised.


Discover the electic charm inside The Dawn, styled with elegant textured details and classic characteristics of a theatre’s backstage. Experience “The beginning” at The Dawn, The 1st Hotel in Impression City anticipated to premiere with the iconic Encore Melaka.


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Amber Cove

Live within 3.5km of Melaka’s UNESCO World Heritage Site, our coveted location comes with all the joys of city living, yet it is suffused with the romance of the sea. Sited within Impression City Amber Cove is set to flourish along with this visionary development.

Amber Cove is an highrise residential building (Plot 5) with consist of total 838 units. Our lovely apartment provide with the luxury of space. These spaces consist of:

  • Exceptional clear height that creates an airy feel with ample room for all

  • Remarkably practical wet and dry kitchen concept

  • Relaxed living in our flexible spaces made for a gateway

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