Yong Tai Berhad (7066) is the public listed company on the Main Market of Bursa Malaysia Securities Berhad whose core business is in tourism-related property development.

Yong Tai’s existing property projects are strategically located within the heritage city centre of Melaka. One of the fastest growing states in Malaysia.

Leveraging on the state’s status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Company’s maiden property development a 29-storey four-star luxury condominium hotel known as THE PINES, was completed and fully Sold. The development was undertaken via joint venture with Melaka-based PTS Properties Sdn Bhd. Building on the success of the maiden project, Yong Tai embarked on other developments within the city centre of Melaka, known as The Apple and Courtyard by Marriott, a 32-storey serviced apartment development and a 16-storey four-star international hotel in Melaka respectively, where the hotel operations will be managed by the well-known Marriott Group.

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The Group is led by its Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director Datuk Wira Boo Kuang Loon and a group of experienced professional Management Team, which has years of experience in the property development industry. Its existing property projects: The Pines, The Apple, Encore Melaka and Impression City.

When Datuk Wira Boo Kuang Loon started PTS Properties (now known as Yong Tai Berhad), he made two unprecedented moves. When smart people advise against building a modern corporate tower in Melaka as it was a high-risk venture—“the city wasn’t ready”—Datuk Wira Boo went ahead. Time and again throughout history, one man’s (or woman’s) intuition, and dream, have proven critics wrong. PTS Properties’ first corporate tower, Jaya 99, followed by a second, anticipated a pent-up and unfulfilled need and both were a resounding success. Jaya 99 not only brought in many international companies into a single building, but also achieved 100% tenancy rate.

Another dream was to elevate Melaka’s status as the ultimate tourist destination by hosting spectacular theatre performances based on its history and culture, like the internationally acclaimed Impression Series in China. However, funding a project which includes the building of a custom-designed theatre as well as delivering the performances was problematic—such an initiative was an unchartered territory for Malaysian investors. A decision was quickly made for the company to be listed on the stock exchange to raise funds. This has been met with success.

“It was fortitude that saw us through” remarked Datuk Wira Boo, a trait that Yong Tai has proven time and again. The greater the obstacle, the more we put our heads together to overcome it.